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ESD Shielding & Polybag

We have a very large supply of anti-static bags on hand and ready to ship out today. We have a great variety of ESD packaging products such as static shielding bags, conductive tubing,cushioned (bubble) bags for transport of delicate electronics, and antistatic bag.

With a number of different materials in an effort to provide our customers the options they need to meet their product and end-use specifications and properties for static protection pouches. Custom made to order multiple layer cushion bubble cancel bags. Custom anti-static bags and layered pouches with bubble. Protective pc board bags. Bags made to size.

ESD bags are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Choices of our static shielding and antistatic bags include open to , metal-in shielding, and zipper top.

※Specifications ※

Surface When measured according to ASTM method D-257-66, surface Resistivity: resistivity of 1010 - 1011 ohms/sq are achieved. This meets MIL spec 81705-B


Resistance: DEF 93-13/1, the tear resistance of the material in both the longitudinal and transverse directions shall be not less than 50N/mm thickness.

Width & Thickness of bags which are available on request.

※Features ※

EMI / Static Shield

Computer, Electronics Parts,Components Store

Packaging of polycarbonate printed circuit boards

Environment friendly,Perfect smooth fitting

Easy to Store,High tensile strength & durability also