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Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Footwear

Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Footwear

ESD Footwear help to drain away static from the operators to ground and are used in applications where operators perform standing operations or have to move around the factory shop floor often. The ESD shoes have to be used in combination with ESD safe flooring ESD and Cleanroom compatible at a very affordable price making it an ideal choice for manufacturing and laboratories in Electronics, Semiconductors, Hard Disk Drive and Pharmaceutical industries. They work together with anti-static clothing to constitute a full anti-static system. Ant -static slippers are not only elegant, but also light and comfortable; and firm, non-sli , excellent abrasion resistance. Its most important feature is it’s very convenient to clean, and light, low cost and good anti-static performance. Colors and models can be customized according to user’s needs.It’s mainly to prevent the body with static electricity which could cause a fire, explosion and all places with electrostatic hazards, such as petroleum, such as petroleum, chemical, coal, printing, rubbe medical,purification, electronics and other industries workplace

These ESD-Safe Footwear are best suitable for any ESD Protected area, Mobile Phone Repairing Service Centers,Cleanroom and pharmaceutical sector.

※Specifications ※

Surface resistance : 10E6-10E9 ohm

Colors:Blue, Black

Feature : Anti Static, Anti-slip

Size : 36 38 40 42 44 46

Material : SPU

Conductive fabric distance strip (5mm), grid(5mm)

※ESD Footwear Suitable For ※

Suitable to male and female

It is skid-proof, dust-free and anti-fatigu.

Effective removing the static

Skin friendly,Perfect smooth fitting

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing