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ESD Gloves

Top Fit PU Gloves – Dotted & Palm Coated

Featuring a polyurethane-dipped palm for improved grip, as well as high levels of fingertip sensitivity, the Alliance Gloves are ideal for fine handling and precision work. In addition to their anti-static properties, the Alliance Gloves ESD Anti-Static Gloves are designed to provide protection against a range of risks, including abrasion injuries, scratches and lacerations, making them suitable for maintenance, repair and operations work as well as fine assembly applications.

The Alliance Gloves ESD Anti-Static Gloves are supplied in a grey/white design

※Specifications ※

Surface resistance: 10E4-10E6 ohmn

Colors: White / Grey

Sizes : Small, Medium ,Large, Xtra Large

Static decay time: <0.17 sec

Fabric electric charge density: =3uc/m²

Seamless Construction Liner

※Features ※

Suitable to male and female

Effective removing the static

Materials from anti-static cloth

Skin friendly,Perfect smooth fitting

Easy to wash,High tensile strength & durability also