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ESD Ionizer Blower

ESD Ionizer Blower

Ionizer blower is a kind of device which can be installed in the workshop or the equipment.Ionizer blowers include AC type ionizer blower, DC ionizer blower and it can remove the static quickly, so that the product components will not be damaged. Especially in the field of Semiconductor, Photoelectric and Electronics. It is necessary to establish static electricity protection systems during the processing of the manufacturing.

※Specifications ※

Air Volume: 0.55-0.71m3/min


Ion Balance: Auto Ion balance system <=0±10V(Test Range:30cm)

Operation Temperature: 0'C ~ 90'C

Supply voltage:220V

Conductive Body

※Features ※

Rapidly neutralizes static charges,

Small size, light weight and portable,

Smart, delicate, easy to operate

With magnetic leakage transformer, long life span and short-circuit proof

Variable speed fan with wide range of air flow,

Inherently balanced ion output

Ion emitter cleaner inside, easy cleaning