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ESD Flooring Mat
ESD Flooring Mat
ESD Flooring Mat

ESD Flooring Mat (PVC & Rubber Types)

※Specifications ※

Material: Conductive rubber, static dissipative PVC

Thickness: 2mm , 3mm (2 Layer/3 Layer) ±10%

Colors: Blue , Green , Grey

Sizes (Rubber Mat) :1 Meter Width x 10 Meter Length

Sizes (PVC Mat) :2 Meter Width x 15 Meter Length

Hardness (ISO 7619): 75±5 shore A

Indentation (EN433): ≤0,20mm

Surface Resistance Top Layer (EN 100015.1-IEC61340): About 108Ω

Surface Resistance Bottom Layer (EN 100015.1-IEC61340): About 105Ω

Dimensional Stability (EN424 - 6h/80oC) ≤0.4%

Abrasion Resistance (ISO 4649, method A): ≤200mm3


This material must be properly grounded for optimum electrical performance.

※Features ※

Alliance Offer only without any ozone depleting substances, and in accordance with the Montreal Protocol

The black side of Mat is more conductive and provides a reliable path to ground which makes it compatible with continuous or constant monitors.

Alliance ESD is designed for the dissipative dark blue side to be used as the top working surface meeting the upper limit requirement of ANSI/ESD S20.20 and lower limit recommendation of ANSI/ESD S4.1.

A variety of standard size mats are provided for ESD workstations,shelves, carts or cafeteria-style trays in an ESD Protected Area

Excellent flexibility and comfort

Reflection breaking surface to reduce glare and improve operator comfort

Prevention of sliding of delicate components to excellent friction coefficient

Heating resistance: rubber does not melt or burn coming into contact with hot metal parts or soldering debris