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Antistatic Wristband Corded
Antistatic Wristband Cordless

Antistatic WristBand Corded & Cordless

ESD Wired Wrist Strap always be used to prevent electrostatic discharge by safely grounding a person working with electronic equipments or at an electronic assembly facility.

※Specifications ※

Resistance: <10e5ohm(Int.) <10e12ohm(Ext.)

Color: Light blue

Colors: Blue , Green , Grey

Material: Polyester,natural rubb,conductive fibre blend(standard qualit)

Length: Standard 200mm,customized available

Back plant: Stainless steel,non-allergenic

Charge decay < 0.1 Sec

Contact: 360 degrees around wrist

※Features ※

Excellent strain relief connection

PU cord and 7-stand tinsel wire

Cord outer diameter:2.2mm

Resistance: 100~200 ohm

Outer surface: insulative

Excellent flexibility and comfort